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NM Kuhn's 2017 Summary of Art by NM-Kuhn NM Kuhn's 2017 Summary of Art :iconnm-kuhn:NM-Kuhn 3 0 Bendy and Boris in, A TRIP TO CAMP HELLWOOD by NM-Kuhn Bendy and Boris in, A TRIP TO CAMP HELLWOOD :iconnm-kuhn:NM-Kuhn 15 1 Furby and Mr. Pink in Gravity Falls by NM-Kuhn Furby and Mr. Pink in Gravity Falls :iconnm-kuhn:NM-Kuhn 5 2 Legally BLONDIE by NM-Kuhn Legally BLONDIE :iconnm-kuhn:NM-Kuhn 3 1 Jigglypuff the Ballerina by NM-Kuhn Jigglypuff the Ballerina :iconnm-kuhn:NM-Kuhn 16 1 How Biting Pears Grow in the Island of Salamanca by NM-Kuhn How Biting Pears Grow in the Island of Salamanca :iconnm-kuhn:NM-Kuhn 7 0 Ren And Stimpy by NM-Kuhn Ren And Stimpy :iconnm-kuhn:NM-Kuhn 30 3 Lena by NM-Kuhn Lena :iconnm-kuhn:NM-Kuhn 5 1 Spongebob Squarepants in Adventure Time style! by NM-Kuhn Spongebob Squarepants in Adventure Time style! :iconnm-kuhn:NM-Kuhn 7 0 Scrooge McDuck by NM-Kuhn Scrooge McDuck :iconnm-kuhn:NM-Kuhn 50 1 Tawnco Bandicoot by NM-Kuhn Tawnco Bandicoot :iconnm-kuhn:NM-Kuhn 30 6 Craig (Weird World) by NM-Kuhn Craig (Weird World) :iconnm-kuhn:NM-Kuhn 3 1 Crash Bandicoot by NM-Kuhn Crash Bandicoot :iconnm-kuhn:NM-Kuhn 52 6 Grimoire by NM-Kuhn Grimoire :iconnm-kuhn:NM-Kuhn 4 1 Ice Cream and Burrito as Mario and Luigi by NM-Kuhn Ice Cream and Burrito as Mario and Luigi :iconnm-kuhn:NM-Kuhn 2 1 Ninjara, the Illusive, Chain-Wielding Ninja by NM-Kuhn Ninjara, the Illusive, Chain-Wielding Ninja :iconnm-kuhn:NM-Kuhn 22 0


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Hola, guys! I'm now back in Canada from Mexico!

My family and I had good times together in Mexico because of the warm weather breezes. We've also slept in the hotel, and we also get to go for a swim or relax at the beach. We also went to the buffet just to have some supper/dinner and breakfast to eat to fill our hungers up. While we're at the resort we saw some cute wild animals like some Mexican birds, coatis, and goannas that were wandering around the resort. Those were a lot of good jungle trees that they have in this resort. You can actually feel the cool/warm breeze and rain that blowing and pouring on you because that would feel so nice.

On my birthday, we went to some sort of fun place where they could have fun exploring, meeting/seeing animals, eating at restaurants, or something to do something fun. I also met a dolphin and I freakin' love it, she was actually friendly and felt smooth rubbers when you touch it. We also walked underwater to see some fishes, turtles and stingrays. I didn't see any turtles because I missed my contact timing of the turtles. It actually felt smooth when you pet the stingray's belly and good thing it doesn't hurt me, because it knows we're fun tourists walking underwater anyways.

My dad, Evan and them except my mom, my grandma, my grandpa, my uncle and my aunt went to go fishing at the beach. And the reason why I didn't want to go fishing for today, is because I need some alone time for me to get rid of the sunburn I had on the second day or maybe relax on the bed. I know sunburns would really suck so bad; you just have to be in the shade, wear a t-shirt, or use your after sunscreen to rub on your body so it cools your whole body.

We've also gone scuba diving at the beach and I didn't feel like doing it, because it's a short way of something and I love to do the deep one when I'm wearing a lifejacket (for safety; and maybe couldn't afford it). I know scuba diving's fun for everyone but I like to lay and relax at the beach anyways. It's just that I have to stay away from the sun for now so I don't wanna get any sunburn again.

My family and I except grandma and grandpa (because they have to stay the hotel and relax outside of the hotel), went on a giant boat right next to Señor Frogs (we also had fun there too), and when I was inside that boat, I felt really sea sick because of the waves that's bouncing the boat we're in, up and down. We visited and took a tour on a Mexican island where it has some surfings and stuff they would enjoy. We also took a tour on a tequila factory and the chocolate factory, unfortunately we didn't get to see how chocolate were made because we were too late. And it's a good thing we get to see those bakers making chocolates and the shop that they have chocolates to buy. I'm kinda lovin' this chocolate factory anyways. When we went back home from the boat while I was inside it, I kinda got used to it by watching TV that they had in the boat.

I actually had a spa and it felt really good and it was amazing and calming for me. While, we were in the hotel room, there's a TV to watch. Most of the parts are in Spanish, cause we're in Mexico, and good thing there's those English versions on 2 channels, anyway.

Now, since I'm back home, I can now draw or post online again!

For those those of you who are reading this, I just wanna say, thank you so much for your patience, and muchas gracias for wishing me a Happy Birthday, guys. ;)
Hey guys, just wanna let you watchers know, tomorrow, my whole family, aunts and uncles, my grandparents and I are about to leave to the airport to go what I would love to go, Mexico. Yup, It's gonna be a nice tropical place for us to have fun and relax.
On my birthday, I like to go have fun with the dolphins because I've never swam with the dolphins before in my whole life.
They also have a nice hotel where we can spend the night on and we also get to have nice dinner. Like, they have pita sandwiches, chips and other foods that people love to eat in Mexico.
We also get to go fishing (but it cost money, I like to go fishing without paying anyways because that's what Canadians do.), do diving by seeing some nice sea creatures like, sea turtles, starfishes, cool fishes, and others.
There's gonna be lots of amazing stuff or activities to do while in Mexico.

SO, I hope it's gonna be a blast when we get to Mexico, and when I get back home from Mexico after 10 sleeps (that's how many sleeps we take before we get back to Canada), I'M BACK, BABIES!
So, I'll be back, guys and stay awesome! ;)
NM Kuhn's 2017 Summary of Art
2017 is an OK year for me. So I decided to draw every month in 2017 because it has been a challenge for me. I just like to do this one time because sometimes I don't draw much, so bare with me, I would really love to do some animated projects to put on YouTube because that's one of my New Years resolution.
Bendy and Boris in, A TRIP TO CAMP HELLWOOD
So, this is my entry for the Fanart Contest of Bendy and the Ink Machine for the fourth chapter in this game and I'm looking forward of winning this contest. Now, If I win or not, I don't know whether it's gonna be in a game or not in the game, but I'm really nervous about it.
I've been doing so good by drawing this poster, it's like doing it just ink like Inktober or colour it just light black (or gray), and it was fun.

Bendy and the Ink Machine (c) theMeatly
Art by NM Kuhn, 2017
Furby and Mr. Pink in Gravity Falls
So, when I was at Red Deer College a couple months ago, or maybe a year ago, I have told my friend or classmate, Dionne (FurbyTehGamer) that I could draw her and Mr. Pink walking or going on an adventure in the forest with their Gravity Falls outfit as a gift and she thinks it would be very nice. And this year, I like to draw pictures every month and it's kind of a challenge for me. When I was working on backgrounds on the final week of November, I didn't have time to shade it with brushes, so I decided to shade them with burn or light tools because it would be very handy to do this.

Now, I apologize for the delay on drawing this art, Pink Furby. Because, I was in the middle of doing art requests, practising animation, taking breaks, spending time with my family or myself or something.

So, I hope you love this art, Pink Furby! :)

Art by Me (NM Kuhn)


Nicholas Kuhn
Artist | Hobbyist | Film & Animation
I like to make Apple and Friends pictures.

Favourite fruits: Apples, bananas



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